506, 2014

BwayTunes.com Launch

As the curtains close on specialty theater record stores, a digital alternative for show-tune enthusiasts makes its debut. BwayTunes.com is your one stop shop for: digital downloads, sheet music, insight into upcoming productions, specially curated [...]

206, 2014

BK Live 5/21/14: Net Neutrality- Digital Divide segment

Source: Bricarts media Doug Frazier (Digital Divide Project), Stuart Reid (Digital Divide Project), Lon Koontz (Brooklyn Based), and Shayne Spencer (Think World Media) discuss the upcoming decision net neutrality and what it means for Brooklynites. [...]

206, 2014

Why digital agency Think Work Media came back to Brooklyn

Source: Technical.ly Digital agency Think Work Media was cofounded in Bushwick four years ago as a social media agency. Things changed. Founder Shayne Spencer quickly evolved into a website development firm, primarily serving small businesses and, [...]

2608, 2013

Co-Working Spaces Have the Best Connection

Source: Commercial Observer In New York City, co-working spaces have been multiplying, and, perhaps surprising to some, they have some of the best and fastest Internet speeds around. Ideal for smaller businesses and startups, companies [...]

2408, 2012

Startups thriving at Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator

Shayne Spencer, 27, founded Think Work Media to help small businesses find new customers via the Internet. "The learning experience here is great and my sales are way up," the Bushwick, Brooklyn resident said.