Project Description


Tangelo Software is a software that provides enterprise level corporate communication tools such as online annual reporting and proxy statements. Their website was originally just “brochure-ware” and did not generate many leads. Tangelo Software relied on trade shows and referrals for lead generation.


Tangelo Software wanted their new website to produce more leads. Therefore, their new website had to be mobile responsive, SEO friendly and optimized to convert visitors into leads. Solid digital strategy, modern design, and intensive planning were essential components of this project.

Website Traffic Increase
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Within one year of working with Think Work Media to relaunch the website, their website leads went up more than 400%. The client was also able to confidentially begin exploring additional channels of online marketing such as email marketing and pay per click campaigns. Today the client produces more website leads in a month than they used to generate in an entire year. Needless to say, more leads also lead to more closed business as well.