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New Hotel Becomes #1 Hotel in Brooklyn


The Franklin Guesthouse opened its doors for the first time in March 2016. It was a soft opening, but the owners were eager to begin recouping their investment. Despite having opened three other hotels in the area, the owners were unsure how successful this hotel would be. It was located off the beaten path and was smaller than their other properties.


The Franklin Guesthouse was hesitant to work with large media companies because they couldn’t afford to pay high monthly premiums. The owners felt that their current advertising agency was undeserving their other properties. They wanted more “TLC” for their new hotel. The Franklin Guesthouse owners wanted an advertising campaign that wasn’t generic and would leverage the uniqueness of their hotel.


Direct Online Bookings Growth
Return on Ads Spent
Email List Growth

Within the first three months of working with Think Work Media, the Franklin Guesthouse was at capacity the majority of nights. Each month they received a steady flow of direct bookings. On average the Franklin Guesthouse saw a $30 return on investment for every advertising dollar spent. After just six months the Franklin Hotel had been rated as the best hotel in Brooklyn by Tripadvisor.

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