Everyone can use a little more help with marketing.  But like dating in NYC, finding the right partner can be difficult!  It can be especially challenging when your business is still in that “awkward puberty stage.”  You’ve grown beyond three employees, but you’re still under 30. You have a budget for marketing, but that budget has real limits, and it needs to show a return on investment, FAST. The more you want to grow, the more important marketing becomes.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. Your internal marketing person may be overworked, or under-qualified, to compete in today’s digital marketing arena.
  1. You have tried working with a big marketing agency, but they can’t spend much time and/or resources because your budget is too small.
  1. You’ve tried working with a marketing freelancer, but they only consult and do not handle the execution of any campaigns.


If you said yes to one or more of these situations, there is still hope!

5 Reasons to Hire A Boutique Marketing Agency
To Assist Your Medium Size Business

1. Your budget will go a further with a smaller, Boutique Agency

It’s a no-brainer that larger Marketing Agencies require higher overhead and agency fees. Therefore, less money is spent on campaign production at bigger agencies than at Boutique Agencies.  A monthly retainer at a small agency can range from $1,000 to $3,000. While an entry level job at a bigger marketing agency in NYC typically pays $3,000 a month. Boutique agencies either use freelancers or have a small production team, which gives you more bang for your marketing Buck.

2. A Boutique Agency gives you more accountability and resources than a solo marketer

Even the best of the best freelancers have bad days. Can your business afford to fall behind on its marketing because Freelancer Joe is out sick? On the other hand, a Boutique Agency usually has a backup plan if a key person on the team becomes unavailable. Furthermore, having three or more people collaborating on your marketing is much better than having one individual working in a silo.

3. A Boutique Marketing Agency gives you greater control and flexibility over your campaigns

Your business is your baby. Just like every parent, you know what’s best for yours. Your input and your opinion are extremely important! At large agencies, your voice may get lost in the sea of experts, all of who think they know what’s best for your business. Boutique Agencies are more collaborative and value the business owner’s input for more impactful campaigns.

4. Boutique Agencies Specialize in Niche Areas

For Boutique Agencies to compete against the bigger agencies, they will frequently concentrate on a particular industry or niche. This specialization means that these Boutique Agencies will have a better understanding of your particular needs, where a larger agency might not. Imagine working with a marketing company that from day one understands when your peak season is, who your top competitors are, and the standard lingo from your industry. Yes, true love in marketing does exist.

5. Boutique Agencies Offer Faster Production and Execution Time

A lot of great ideas die in the abyss of over complicated creative processes. At more prominent agencies, it could take longer for great ideas to get to market, due to the complex approval process and other red tape issues. At Boutique Marketing Agencies, the production cycle from ideation to market can take as little as a few days. Faster production times means you can test more ideas, faster, and take advantages of more timely opportunities.

Hiring a Boutique Marketing Agency is likely just what you need when you want to take your marketing to the next level. They will cost you more than hiring a freelancer, but give you more mind power.  They will save money when compared to big box agencies while giving you better control and time to market.

Remember, just like any other kind of business model; you need to find the right Boutique Marketing Agency that is the right fit for you. My agency specializes in Boutique Hotels and Funded Startups with over $500,000 in annual revenues.  I’d love to chat with you and see if my agency is the best fit for you.  If not, perhaps I can refer you to another boutique agency to can assist you. Call me today at 718 407 0114 to find out.