As the curtains close on specialty theater record stores, a digital alternative for show-tune enthusiasts makes its debut. is your one stop shop for: digital downloads, sheet music, insight into upcoming productions, specially curated content from industry insiders, and much more.

We were lucky enough to be part of this project! We built this site on Drupal and over the past 8 months have watched it grow and evolve.  Seeing come to fruition adds a new layer to our Think Work Media company motto: Web Done Differently. This was a project unlike others and it was fun to approach it that way. Our clients, Jim Russek and Erik Hartog, had an innovative idea that allowed us the opportunity to add our technical expertise. The collaboration was a positive learning experience. Mr. Russek brought his years of ad agency experience and great attention to detail to the designs he gave us. Mr. Hartog was essential in helping us understand and build upon his complex database. is not your average digital music store. Here you can do more than download music — you can stream radio and take advantage of unique search capabilities. Whether your musical theater interest is limited to your high school production of “Oklahoma!” or you’re an aficionado, has something for everyone. At this week’s launch event, Mr. Russek said, “As the specialty music store was on the corner of a side street in a city, we’re on every street corner in America.” is bringing Broadway to you — and we’re excited to see where it goes!

We’re always on the lookout for cool and interesting projects. If there’s something we can help you do differently, contact us. A big congratulations to our friends at!